Payment Assist

Have you just received an unexpected repair bill and cannot pay it all right now? Do you want to prevent further charges & interest to this payment?

Well at Drivers Autocentre we know how unfortunate and costly car repairs can be but we don’t just provide low cost competitive quotes, we can also offer a payment plan.  We work closely with Payment Assist who offer you the chance to pay the cost of repair in a few instalments.  And the best part is there is no cost to you for doing this so no fees and no interest?

What’s the catch? Well there is really no catch.   We just believe that customers should be served better and we look to provide great services wherever we can.  So if you have received and unexpected repair bill and are worried about paying it and keeping your car on the road.  Worry no more.

  • Spread the cost of the repair over 3 instalments
  • Pay only 25% of the cost up front to be approvedpaymentassistlogo
  • No hidden interest or fees
  • Keep your car on the road