Mercedes Specialist Glasgow

Each of the Drivers Autocentres are fitted with the latest Mercedes testing technology and have manufacturer trained and certified technicians on-site to service and repair all Mercedes car and van models.

Get the same high level of service with a higher level of customer care and attention to detail from Glasgow’s best alternative Main Dealer Specialist. Save up to half the cost of using a Main Dealer Network.

Honest mechanics, friendly staff and state-of-the-art facilities. Most services can be done while you wait.

What Drivers Autocentres Offer Mercedes Owners

Full and Part Mercedes Servicing

As with Retailer Servicing, Driver Autocentres Mercedes servicing offers two choices based on our in-house Mercedes certified technicians’ inspection. We’ll show you a video health check of your Mercedes vehicle, along with our recommendations in two parts. Part one will outline the routine maintenance services such as an oil and filter change with a second itemised list of recommended services. The choice is yours to have us carry out only essential maintenance or a full service with any additional items to help you get the most from your car or van. Nothing’s ever done without you giving us the green light. If you leave your car with us to be serviced, we’ll call you to discuss anything we find that could be fixed while we’re servicing your vehicle.

• Honest advice
• Best name compatible parts that never compromise quality or safety
• Transparency throughout your vehicle’s service
• All repairs and parts fully warranted

When you book in advance, we can arrange for a courtesy car, or make arrangements for the collection and return of your vehicle. (local service only)


All Mercedes Repairs (Mechanical and Electrical)

Drivers Autocentres use Mercedes diagnostic equipment to run a full diagnostic on your vehicle. Any problems, we will find it and our Mercedes Qualified Technicians will do the fixing for up to half the price of Main Dealers. All our parts are guaranteed and we can repair both mechanical and electrical faults on all Mercedes car and van models.

Class 4 and Class 7 MOTs

In addition to servicing and repairs, Drivers Autocentre stations can also take care of your Mercedes MOT whether it’s a standard class 4 MOT or a Mercedes work van up to 3500 DGW requiring a Class 7 MOT… we’ll get your Mercedes through it and back to you in first-class condition.


All Mercedes Brakes (discs and pads) supplied and fitted

Generally, the brake pads on Mercedes vehicles are good for up to 28,000 miles, then needing replaced within another few thousand miles. On newer models of Mercedes vehicles, they have warning lights fitted, the same as the service light on the dashboard, to warn you of thin brake pads needing renewed. If your brake pad warning lights come on, we can replace your brake pads while you wait. If you’re light’s broken, we’ll diagnose and fix it.
For older models, you can take advantage of our Free Vehicle Health Check, ensuring your brakes are squeak-free and working as they should.
All Mercedes brake parts are from top name brands including, Bosch, Bendix, Ferodo, Wagner and more. Quality brake parts, full fitting service and backed by our no-quibble guarantee.


Mercedes Suspension Systems

Did you know that worn out shock absorbers can add up to two metres to your braking distance? Moreover, without efficient shock absorbers, you’ll feel every bump on the road. Suspension problems aren’t obvious to know they’re effecting your vehicle, because it’s a result of gradual deterioration. As part of Free Vehicle Health Check, our trained mechanics can quickly identify any issues with the springs, coils or shock absorbers on your vehicle. Should you need any new parts fitted, we supply and fit suspension components of at least the OEM standard, giving you superior repairs for up to half the cost and with a quality backed guarantee.


Mercedes Exhausts Repairs or Renewed

All types of Mercedes exhaust problems can be diagnosed and repaired on-site. From entire new exhaust systems to silencers for a more pleasurable driving experience. Drivers Autocentres have the parts and the skilled Mercedes Technicians to repair existing exhausts or fit new exhaust systems. All parts supplied and fitted and are fully warranted.


Repairs and Tuning of All Mercedes Engines

Mercedes engines are definitely high quality, but they’re not without the odd problem or two. Rough idling can happen, giving way you to hearing odd sounds and rattling as well as seeing inconsistent RPM counts. Mercedes are kitted out with superior technology to let you know of all sorts of malfunctions. If your engine light comes on, call on us to get your engine back to optimum performance. It could be a simple case of adding some fuel injector cleaner, or in the case of your Mercedes stuttering when you accelerate, that’s more likely to be a spark plug related problem such as improper fitting. Many a symptom can cause you to think you need your engine needs repaired, when really, it’s a side effect of something smaller that’s effecting how the engine performs. If you’re experiencing any trouble with your Mercedes, book a Free Health Check and let us know what problems you’re experiencing so we can pinpoint the root cause of any issues.


Mercedes Tyre Fitting Service (RUNFLAT Compatible)

For all Mercedes vehicles supplied with RUNFLAT tyres, we can fit like-for-like RUNFLAT capable tyres eliminating the need to carry a spare. If you were to change a RUNFLAT to a conventional tyre, you’d need to carry a spare. The point of RUNFLAT technology is to free up more space in your car boot because you don’t need a spare. You can drive for long enough to get your vehicle to a tyre fitting station to have it replaced. We have garages in Firpark, Polmadie and Bishopbriggs, Glasgow so if you’re ever in need of tyre replacement service in Glasgow, we can change your tyres, ensuring the wheel alignment is correct and while you wait. Each of our centres have specialist tyre fitting and removal equipment ensuring your tyre change is done swiftly, effectively and with no risk of damage to your wheels. Top brand names, RUNFLAT capable for all models of Mercedes requiring non-conventional tyres and with superb savings.


Mercedes Air Conditioning Repairs and Servicing

Much of the perks of driving a Mercedes is reliant on the vehicles air conditioning system running flawlessly. The most efficient air conditioning system will improve your vehicles fuel consumption, speed up the screen demisting times, and improve your vehicles overall efficiency. More than that though, over time it can collect and redistribute harmful bacteria. Air conditioning isn’t just about blowing cold air, although that certainly helps during the hot weather. Regardless if you need the air con of your Mercedes repaired or serviced for better performance, our technicians can assist. Our recommendation is to have your Mercedes Air Con serviced every two years to ensure it remains performing the best it can.


Mercedes Batteries Repaired or Renewed

Generally, all vehicle batteries will last up to five years before starting to go bad or packing in. If you’re experiencing a faster battery drain than normal, our Mercedes diagnostics can pinpoint the cause of your car battery draining faster than usual. If your vehicle’s batteries needing replaced, we supply and fit OEM equivalent quality batteries to the highest standards, guaranteed to get your vehicle back into top shape. Options include standard batteries, premium and start-stop AGM batteries.
For all your Mercedes servicing and repairs, call on Drivers Autocentre Glasgow – Mercedes Specialists!