At Drivers Autocentre we offer you a fully comprehensive level of servicing. From our small interim service to our major service; you can be assured you have made the right choice In using us.

 Vehicle history timing belt replacement interval
 Warning lamps on dashboard
 Air conditioning operation temperature
 Air conditioning pipes
 Exterior lights
 Car horn
 Parking break lever travel
 Windscreen washers &amp wipers
 Oil level on arrival
 Brake fluid condition
 Air filter
 Coolant strength
 Battery condition
 Power steering fluid
 Tyre condition & tread depths
 Visual brake check
 Handbrake cable condition & security
 Exhaust condition & security
 Brake pipes & hoses
 Power steering pipes & hoses
 Visual check of steering components
 Visual check of suspension components
 Drive shaft & CV boot gaiters
 Gearbox & differential oils
 Auxiliary drive belts and re-check of engine oil level.

 Drain engine oil
 Replace oil filter
 Re-fill engine oil
 Fill washer fluid
 Top-up gearbox & differential oils
 Lubricate door hinges & latches
 Reset service light and stamp service book.