BMW Specialist Glasgow

BMW Servicing and Repairs

Drivers Autocentre have fully trained and certified BMW mechanics on hand to service and repair all BMW Series vehicles. BMW approved parts and servicing with full logging of service history on the digital service logs on BMW servers as well as hard copies for your own reference, stamped by Drivers Autocentre. Your warranty will not be affected due to the EU Block Exemption Regulation, giving vehicle owners of all brands, the choice to have their vehicles serviced anywhere.

Trust Your BMW to the Experts at Drivers Autocentre

Variety of BMW Servicing Options

BMW’s within their warranty period will have full servicing carried out in line with the vehicles service level agreement. For BMWs with an expired warranty, we will carry out a full inspection, provide you with a video overview of the heath of your vehicle and recommend repairs to keep your BMW driving smoothly.

How You Can Help Speed Up Your BMWs Servicing
• Leave your wheel nut key out for us, or tell us where to find it
• Give us your service log book so we can update your records. Digital records will be updated online by our experienced BMW technicians.
• If you’ve noticed any problems, let us know so we can focus our attention there to start with.
• As our technicians need access to the majority of the vehicle for inspection and carrying out any repairs, it’s appreciated if the interior is clutter-free.

Most servicing can be done in one-day. If booked in advance, we can arrange a courtesy vehicle, or arrange to pick up your car from anywhere local and drop your vehicle back to you.

All BMW Repairs (Mechanical and Electrical)

Each Drivers Autocentre has all the necessary BMW equipment to run a full diagnostic on your BMW, no matter the model. We keep our software updated to find and repair any fault on your BMW, whether it’s an electrical fault or a mechanical failure. We’ll be able to diagnose and fix it. Following diagnostic work, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations. No repair work will be carried out without your approval.


In addition to our BMW servicing, for older BMWs, we also offer a MOT service, ensuring your vehicle is in pristine condition for safe driving.

All BMW Brakes (discs and pads) supplied and fitted

Troubled with squeaky brakes, or finding it taking longer to come to a full stop? We can replace worn brake pads and discs with top of the line brand names, including those recommended by BMW or OEM of equivalent or superior performing brake pads and discs. Some of the brands we stock include: Bosch, Bendix, Ferodo, Wagner and more.

BMW Suspension Systems

To ensure your brakes work at their optimum level, your suspension system can be checked, and repaired or adjusted where necessary. For maximum braking efficiency, worn shock absorbers should be replaced as they can add as much as 2-metres to your total braking distance.

BMW Exhausts Repairs or Renewed

All BMW exhausts systems have a few components that may wear with time. The most wearable parts are the coil and springs. We can service and repair all parts of your BMW exhaust system as well as carry out any upgrades, or repairs to previous upgrades such as silencers. All parts supplied and fitted by Drivers Autocentre will be BMW-approved parts and backed by our warranty.

Repairs and Tuning of All BMW Engines

To get the absolute best driving experience out of your BMW, a tune-up may be the way to go. Our BMW service engineers can increase your torque, give you more throttle and a more pleasurable driving experience.

Tyre Fitting Service (RUNFLAT Compatible)

All BMW Series vehicles rolled out since 2009 are fitted with RUNFLAT tyres as standard. As such, we will only fit suitable tyres ensuring you don’t need to buy two conventional tyres (one spare), so you won’t find yourself accidentally stranded.
Each Driver Autocentre has specialist equipment we use to remove and replace BMW tyres, making certain there’s no risk to your wheels and that the wheels are aligned properly and ready for you to get back on the road.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Servicing

Newer BMWs are fitted with climate control, which uses a specialised gas as an air coolant. These are best serviced every couple of years to ensure they remain in perfect working order and minimise the cost of any repairs should it be left without proper maintenance for too long causing the air conditioning to fail, requiring a complete replacement. Our engineers can diagnose and repair a range of air con problems so if you find your BMWs air conditioning is acting up or not performing like it should to, we can diagnose and repair it using our BMW diagnostics equipment and BMW approved parts.


BMW Batteries Repaired or Renewed

No vehicle battery will last forever. Generally, the battery needs replacing on average, every five years. Should you find your BMWs battery draining faster than it used to, our BMW certified technicians can identify issues fast and recommend the most appropriate repair, or replacement to get your BMW back to long lasting battery power.

Whether you need a full service on an older BMW or a custom service in line with your BMW service level agreement, Drivers Autocentre can help without invalidating existing warranties.

Any repairs required are fully BMW compliant, and backed by our warranty.
We are a dealer alternative and BMW approved service centre with three locations in Glasgow. For all your BMW servicing and repair needs, you can trust Drivers Autocentre Glasgow to find faults, fix them, service your vehicle, update your log book and your BMWs digital service records as well as MOT your BMW when it’s needed.

All with minimum fuss, a friendly service and good honest advice from certified technicians who know their way around every BMW series vehicle.